Digital Marketing Technology the Most Important Factor In today’s World. Do you agree?

Digital marketers, data scientists and other technology companies have benefited immensely over the past few years from an explosion in computing power and bandwidth, coupled with technologies like Big Data, Big Cloud, machine learning and AI that has allowed them to apply analytics to targeted streams of relevant user behavior.

Ultimately, consumers can potentially have greater visibility into marketing. This, in turn, can drive greater engagement and customer satisfaction, even when consumers’ efforts are focused on a marketing platform and resource.

Organizations seeking to invest in an analytics solution for marketing are investing in technology that allows for more advanced searches through relevant customer data, and equipping users with the ability to search for highly targeted marketing messages. This technology will help digital marketers and marketers of all sorts to learn more about their customers, learn more about marketing in general, and ultimately will help organizations make smarter marketing decisions.

Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), analytics tools and smart technologies (e.g., search engines, mobile apps) have aided organizations in their marketing efforts by improving their search strategies, enabling data-driven decisions and ultimately providing improved customer experiences.

AI in marketing can help businesses to more effectively create and create advanced marketing strategies. AI allows for a more efficient use of the amount of resources available to marketers, especially when the volume of data to be analyzed is so vast and requires so much human insight and customization. This technology will provide organizations with the ability to scale data collection and development to help them make better marketing decisions.

It is important to note that even though this technology can help to facilitate the creation of sophisticated marketing strategies, it can also work to distract organizations from spending time and money on these activities. This technology does require that an organization spend more time and resources, but organizations can benefit from using this technology at the same time that they make investments in other technologies, such as analytics or marketing technology.

Given that AI and advanced technologies such as analytics are still relatively new, it is natural to feel overwhelmed. However, the technology is evolving every day. It is only a matter of time before organizations embrace new technologies and advanced analytics that provide for greater personalization, to better serve the needs of today’s consumers, whether in online or offline marketing environments.

Next time you feel you have an outdated marketing strategy, you may want to reflect on where the digital world is today and how it is evolving. It is important to continuously invest in technology and then find ways to execute your marketing strategies.


Today, we are at an exciting and unique time in digital marketing. Advanced technologies are allowing organizations to gather data and analytics from all sorts of different sources to better serve consumers in today’s digital world.

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